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Posted by 02.04.09



BLISS LEMON SAGE BODY BUTTER – If you pick your skin care for its catchy name and oh-so-clever packaging, this is definitely for YOU. As for me, I am more interested in getting good stuff INSIDE the tube that does something for my skin without offending my olifactories.  I got this as a gift from someone who clearly does not know me well. Anyone who knows me would not have picked this Origins/Benefit/Philosophy wannabe brand. I took a whiff, closed it up and gave it to my dog walker. After taking a pack of dogs to the park, anything would smell good to her.

FINAL VERDICT – SYC (Save Your Cash) – C+ for cute but C- for quality. This is gifty beauty crap that usually comes in a basket with a loofah –  not something you buy for yourself to actually use.

3 Responses to “BODY MARGARINE”

  1. gorgeousgals Says:

    Yeah, its expensive for what it is, but it smells pretty good.

  2. foreveramber Says:

    thats kind of harsh but I guess you have a point.

  3. gwg Says:

    I agree. I really like Bliss products – especially the Vanilla and Bergamot body butter and shower gel. But unlike some other “luxury” bath products, I always sort of feel “ripped off” after using them rather than dying to go buy more. I do buy them a lot as gifts though.

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