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I just returned home from a long weekend jaunt to Miami and I can attest to the fact that the beauty of its beaches is only rivaled by the beauty of the people that frequent said beaches. It might be due to the fact that the absolutely gorgeous weather encourages the locals to be bathing suit ready 365 days a year and often those bathing suits are of the navel-baring bikini variety. Many of the women I encountered on the beach were accompanied by 2 or more children. It had me wondering how it was possible they looked so good. Though I’m sure a large percentage followed a healthy diet, exercise regimen and had the luck of the gene pool to thank for their close-to-perfect physiques, many probably owed their stellar bods to plastic surgery.

Any sort of weight fluctuations, including the weight that’s gained and lost during and after pregnancy, can cause the skin to stretch and shrink which can cause the skin to lose its elasticity and give the belly button a stretched out appearance or one that’s different and less desirable than it had previously been. In these cases, a little nip and tuck might be warranted.

California-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Irene Tower is known for her “Belly-Liscious Belly Button” surgery. She says “If a woman has an “outie” or excess skin from having children or gaining and losing weight they may feel self conscious about this area of the body.” Though belly button revision surgery isn’t necessarily new, it’s recently taken up traction, possibly due to the fact that many of today’s fashions — including swimwear — have the midriff area exposed.

BITB asked Dr. Tower the following questions. Here’s what she shared:

Are there different types of belly button revision surgeries? If so, which method do you prefer to do and why?

The most common way to address the belly button is with an abdominoplasty. The technique in creating a natural and non surgical belly button has changed in that the scars are more concealed and there is more focus on creating the ideal shape rather than just cutting a circle around the belly button and stretching new skin over top. The old abdominoplasty belly buttons usually had obvious circumferential scarring that would be a dead give away of a tummy tuck.

Please describe the “ideal” belly button. Is everyone capable of having it? Why or why not?

The ideal belly button has a gentle sweep in the lower portion and a slight hood on the top portion. It has a slight oval appearance. Most women can achieve this but the procedure required would be specific to each individual depending on the belly button anatomy and the surrounding tissues as well.

In conclusion, if you’ve found that diet and exercise alone haven’t improved your flaccid belly button or you’re unhappy with the look of yours for any reason, belly button surgery might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to see if it’s right for you.