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Even in a turbulent economy, women are still going to manage to get to their derm or plastic surgeon a few times a year for beauty shots. It’s like coloring your hair; even when the market is in a slump and the value of your coop tanks, you are not about to stop covering your gray. A girl needs to look good no matter what.

Neurotoxins and dermal fillers are the dynamic duo of cosmetic beauty today. With the flick of a syringe, injectables have evolved so that they can be artfully used to add volume and structure to the midface and jawline, to gently beautify features, and to fill in scars. The trick is to find the best possible injector you can – with great hands, a good eye and a lot of experience working with several of the top filler products.

Here are some of the newest injectables:

Evolence® (OrthoNeutrogena) – This porcine collagen filler restores structure and resiliency to skin as it plumps and fills wrinkles and lines. It has been shown to last about a year. The extra benefit is that due to the minimal swelling, redness and bruising, natural looking results are instantly achieved and Evolence® is truly a wash and wear treatment. The softer variation for luscious lips, Evolence® Breeze, is available only outside of the US so far, but expected down the road too. www.evolence.com

Prevelle® Silk (Mentor Corp.) – Prevelle® marks the first of the next generation of painless fillers that contain lidocaine – which takes away some of the sting from the needle sticks. This hyaluronic acid light is priced nicely and known to be short lasting which makes it good for first timers or special events. More additions to the Prevelle® family are expected in 2009. www.prevelle.com

Juvederm® Ultra (Allergan) – Juvederm® has been taking the US by storm since its introduction, and lasts up to a year. The newest variation contains lidocaine too and hopefully it will be coming over from Europe in the not too distant future. Another one to watch will be Voluma®, a deep plumping agent from France that keeps Parisiennes looking youthful and radiant. www.juvederm.com

Perlane® (Medicis) – A thicker high intensity member of the Restylane® family, Perlane® gets injected deeper to add cheek, chin and jawline contours you wish you were born with, and long lasting fullness to lips and temples. Macrolane®, a breast and body filler from Q-Med the Restylane® company, was launched in Europe this year. Macrolane® is the first injectable breast augmentation – and can add about a cup size without surgery, scars or implants, which may signal the end to padded bras for lots of A and B cup gals . www.perlaneusa.com

Reloxin® (Medicis) – Considered to be the first of several new botulinum toxins to hit US shores, and headed for FDA approval hopefully by the end of this year, Reloxin® has been available in Europe under a the Dysport® brand name with great success. The advantages are that it may last longer and work faster. Stay tuned. www.medicis.com

Cost varies, but most filler treatments range from $600 and up per syringe. To treat a few areas (such as nose to mouth lines and droopy corners of the mouth) requires more two or more syringes to get the job done. As these are temporary fillers, they will need to be topped up at 6-12 months or longer, depending on how they last for you.


  1. gorgeousgals Says:

    Hey I never heard of Evolence. Ive been having Restylane for 2 years and it’s great. Does anyone know if this is better? I have my lips done and the droopy corners of my mouth.


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