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Posted by 07.29.09



Along with a cup (or three) of coffee, great mascara is a key part of my morning routine.  Even if my brain isn’t awake yet, my eyes can look wide-open and alert.  Enter BADgal lash mascara by Benefit Cosmetics.  I wish I was one of those women who could find a cheapie mascara, fall in love and make a lifelong commitment, but those flings have always ended badly.  Between contact lenses and seasonal allergies, my peepers are picky, and BADgal treats them right.  The formula is amazingly luxe and there’s never a clump or a smudge in sight.  A quick pass with a quality eyelash curler followed by a coat or two of BADgal and I’ve got volume and length for days.  My favorite feature of this product is the big, thick brush, which bears more than a passing resemblance to the fattie of cult fave Diorshow, but I prefer the look and feel of BADgal.  It can deliver the rockstar/bedroom eyes look of Diorshow, but with a lighter touch I can also achieve a more subtle look that’s appropriate for daytime.  Besides, if I’m following the recommendation to crack a new tube every 2-3 months then the $5 price difference starts to add up.  That’s a lot of lattes, or diapers, or other beauty products!

FINAL VERDICT – GGI Gotta Get It – At $19 a pop, BADgal is available in original and waterproof (it is also available in Plum and Blue, but I personally do not go there).  It’s one of those minimal effort/maximum effect products, and for that it gets a big puffy heart from me.

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