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Posted by 01.07.13

Everything from dresses to shoes to bags is rentable these days, so why not nail polish? Touted as the “Netflix for nails,” is a new site that lets you rent designer nail polishes for less. Every season brings new nail lacquers shades and trends, and keeping up can be hard on the budget. That’s why Ashlene Nand and Liza Kindred decided to start Lacquerous, a website where subscribers can rent three nail polishes a month from a selection of 70, including some well-known designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and Dior. Each delivery package comes with a pre-paid return shipping label for easy returns and the company makes sure to inspect every bottle for quality and cleanliness before shipping. Subscribers get all this for $18.00/month—less than the price of one bottle of designer nail polish.

Some readers my be hesitant about renting such personal items. Hygienically, there is concern regarding the use of the nail polishes by so many subscribers, but the founders claim that the chemicals inherent in the polish don’t allow for any bacteria, fungus, or other living microorganisms to survive. In addition, the company also makes sure to clean the brushes in the bottles after they are returned and they inspect the polishes before shipping them out again. The founders also compare the rental service to getting a manicure at a salon, where the same polishes are used for a multitude of customers.

Lacquerous also has special policies for its subscribers to ensure that no one abuses the service. For example, subscribers are encouraged to use each nail polish for three applications a month and the level of polish in the bottles is monitored when it is returned. If you were to lose the nail polish, you would be charged for its original price as well as the return shipping. And if you really love the color, you have the option of paying the original price and keeping it.

While this service may not be for everyone, those who love doing their nails and change their color frequently may jump at the savings offered by Lacquerous. What do you think? Would you ever subscribe to this service and rent nail polishes?

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Posted by 11.13.12

Have you ever wondered how much damage driving might be doing to your skin? Or if you could improve your skin by simply turning on your car’s air-conditioning? Well, Honda has, and the company has just released a special edition of its popular Fit model, just for women. Called the She’s, the smallish hatchback has unique features that Honda believes will particularly appeal to women, such as, a special UV-blocking windshield, which can block up to 99% of UV rays to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. It also features a “Plasmacluster” air-conditioning system, which claims to improve skin quality, and specially designed mirrors.


The designers of the car have dubbed the theme “adult cute,” going so far as to replace the apostrophe in “she’s” with a heart, on its emblem. Its colors are eye shadow-themed and it comes in pink (of course), white, or brown, and also features pink stitching in the interior and a pink and black dashboard.

Unfortunately, the She’s is only available in Japan as of now, but if with its new found fame online, it could make an appearance in the U.S.

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