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06-04-09 | Posted by

ASDS - American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (asds.net) Launches the First At-Home Skin Cancer Exam Kit

Just in case you havent read about it, over 1 million new skin cancers are diagnosed each year in the USA – and to put that in perspective – the US has the greatest number of board certified dermatologists and dermatopathologists in the world by a factor of about ten! It is even more frightening to think of how many more are diagnosed outside of the US, and worse, how many go undetected entirely until it is too late.  According to the ASDS, when detected early enough, skin cancer has almost a 100% survival rate at 5 years. However, the key here is EARLY DETECTION.

Now offered through Facebook to help raise awareness of deadliest form of skin cancer, the ASDS kit was created to educate consumers about the potential dangers of skin cancer and the importance of early detection methods. The ASDS Skin Cancer Exam Kit includes instructions on how to monitor and measure suspicious moles and other growths all over your body.



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