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Posted by 06.01.09


GOT ZITS? SEE THE LIGHT. GET ANSR:  ANSR: delivers narrow-band, high-intensity blue and red light waves to target pimples before they ruin your day. treating acne. Blue light waves kill bacteria that causes inflammation associated with acne, called P. Acnes. This in turn releases porphyrins which absorb the light to and are destroyed. No P. acnes, no inflammation, no acne – it’s that simple. And the blue light doesn’t cause dryness, redness or pain. Red light therapy helps to heal the acne lesion and smooth the skin. The ANSR: phototherapy device is a white flying saucer shaped device that is light, portable, and fits easily in your hand. It is a dual light system; the blue and red lights are designed to work in tandem with the product range that includes Prep, Day and Night. Prep is a mild salicylic acid cleanser that gets used before you apply the light; first blue for 5 minutes and then red for 5 minutes. You can use the ANSR: device once or twice daily. Follow with Day Acne Lotion and Night Acne Gel for morning and evening, both of which contain Azaurin, intended to keep oil slicks at bay and prevent breakouts. The whole program can be done in 15 minutes each time for the 4 steps, for a total of half an hour a day if you use it twice.  

FINAL VERDICT: GOTTA GET IT (GGI) – I am a sucker for home devices, and it’s comforting to have something standing by for emergencies 24/7, when a visit to your Derm just won’t work. I also liked the products in the kit which are non-irritating and work great. The whole kit is $185 and the device is rechargeable so the only additional costs will be to replenish the products when you run out.

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