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Posted by 04.29.09


SPA SPC SWEET ALMOND EYE BALM – Ok, I’m obsessed with eye cream, eye oil, eye serum…anything that will help prevent my eyes from giving away my real age.  🙂 So when I received a free sample of Sweet Almond Eye Balm, a product by Spa SPC out of the UK, I was thrilled to give it a whirl.  First, the good news – I love almond-smelling-anything, so the fragrance is extremely pleasant.  Also great is the product’s moisturizing qualities.  I definitely noticed a difference – the lines underneath my eyes looked almost instantly smoother and felt less taught.  My chief complaint is that the balm is a true balm in that it’s not too easy to spread over the delicate eye area like most eye products.  With this one, you have to use light muscle. 

FINAL VERDICT – ICW (IT CAN WAIT) – Sweet Almond Eye Balm is a nice addition to my ever-growing collection of eye miracle-workers, though I’m not sure I’d own it if I hadn’t received it for free.

2 Responses to “ALMOND EYED BEAUTY”

  1. beautylovingmom Says:

    yum, love almond smell. try the fekkai protein conditioners too. its good to read an honest review for a change

  2. admin Says:

    Wow do I love anything almond smelling… does it have a real almond aroma or that not so almondy.. old almond oil scent?

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