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Created by Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd in 2008, #BeautyInTheBag was a happy accident. After writing a bunch of beauty books, my daughter Eden said, “Why don’t you start a blog?” It sounded like a good idea but little did I know that it would be such an undertaking. The idea originally began as kind of a fun hobby for us to do together. But little things like high school, getting into college, business and life got in the way, and pretty soon BITB took on a life of its own.

BITB has grown up to be a global cosmetic beauty portal aimed at women age 30+ that provides timely and engaging content across multiple relevant digital platforms preferred and visited by women including the web, social media networks Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and the web. The BITB community includes over 165,000 Facebook fans, and a Twitter network of over 250,000 followers, and more than 22,000 subscribers who get our #BeautyBlasts.

We aim to feature the best beauty advice, cosmetic medicine, international trends, in-depth weekly profiles of a wide range of #BeautyGurus, health and well-being advice, plus insightful commentary from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and leading beauty experts, BITB is loaded with everything you need to know, plus #GorgeousGiveaways, #TwitterChats, up-to-the-minute launches and international beauty news!

Our roster of experienced beauty and health writers are navigating the aisles, counters and clinics to offer up a cross-channel menu of mass to class brands, tools and devices, cosmetic beauty treatments and timely trend features. We stay on top of the newest wrinkle fillers, lasers, lipo devices, peels and plumpers and are always on the lookout for ultra modern medspas, cosmetic beauty clinics, and chic salons and beauty pros to try.

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Wendy Lewis, Founder/Editor in Chief

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