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Posted by 09.28.11

Long knockout lashes are all the rage.  Just walk into any department store or drugstore these days and you will find the words “Extreme” “Longer” “Thicker” pasted onto mascara-like tubes of serums that promise denser, longer lashes in just a matter of weeks.

Nora Charles, celebrity esthetician from Touch of Faith Aesthetics in Los Angeles, California, says “long eyelashes make great eyes look even more beautiful.  When eyelashes are short and thin they take away from the beauty of the eyes and cause them to look dull and unimpressive.  “They also cause a woman to look older than she is.”

Launched in 2008, Latisse is the only FDA approved prescription product that clinically is proven to grow lashes longer, thicker and darker in 16 weeks.  Latisse contains the ingredient bitamoprost (a structural prostaglandin), which prolongs the hair growth cycle and increases the number of hairs grown in each cycle.  Bitamoprost was originally used in liquid form to treat glaucoma patients and those treated noticed an increase in lash growth as a side effect.  Allergan, the company which makes Latisse, decided to repackage its glaucoma drug and promote it to those with eyelash hypotrichosis (thinning of the eyelashes).  In 2010, Allergan reported $82 million net sales of Latisse and projects even more growth for 2011 at $100 million.  … read more »

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