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Posted by 03.29.14

Take-a-hike-2 Skin Cancer – Take a Hike
New York dermatologist Ellen Marmur,MD,is doing a lot more than just talking about fighting skin cancer.In July 2014,she will take a 16,732-foot hike up the face of Mt.Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise funds for SPOT Skin Cancer,an education,awareness,and prevention program from the American Academy of Dermatology(AAD).

The goal of Marmur’s Skin Cancer – Take a Hike effort is to kick off a campaign to raise $1 million for the SPOT initiative.

“My epiphany came last year when I had a flash of several things I must do before I can’t. One was to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa while another was to educate others about a disease that has touched me—skin cancer.  Both of these ideas have come together in a personal goal I have set by creating “Skin Cancer—Take a Hike”—where I will climb Mount Kilimanjaro with friends and use it to launch a campaign to raise $1 million for the American Academy of Dermatology’s SPOT Skin Cancer initiative,” stated Marmur.

The purpose of SPOT Skin Cancer is to prevent and detect skin cancer, and ultimately save lives. As its tagline (Prevent. Detect. Live.) implies, SPOT helps the public understand that skin cancer is easy to prevent by seeking shade, covering up, and wearing sunscreen. SPOT also emphasizes that skin cancer is easy to detect by looking for changing or new spots on your skin. Sometimes itching or bleeding can be a sign too, so don’t dismiss these symptoms and see a dermatologist.

More than 3.5 million new skin cancer cases will be detected this year. You can support early diagnoses, awareness, and prevention with a contribution to Marmur’s effort. Funds will benefit the AAD’s Skin Cancer Screening Program, Shade Structure Grant Program, and public service advertisements.

For more information visit: TAKE A HIKE.



Posted by 11.29.12

Dr. Ellen Marmur is a unique sort of dermatologist and her new office in New York City perfectly reflects this. She believes in a holistic approach to skin care, one that involves exercise, diet, sleep, and even happiness.

“Your body is already equipped with the most amazing, sophisticated mechanisms of rejuvenation and repair. Our goal is to support those wonderful systems to optimize your body’s own natural anti-aging efforts, and to step in where needed to treat skin cancer or other areas of concern,” stated Dr. Marmur.

When you enter the new offices of Marmur Medical, you immediately sense her commitment to a holistic lifestyle. The reception desk and light fixtures are made of recycled glass and a conference table is made from a fallen redwood. It is a warm and friendly ambiance, complete with brick walls.

Dr. Marmur recently celebrated the new space with a party where she introduced guests to her team, which includes a nutritionist, mental health therapist, homeopath, and fitness expert. At the party, Aviva Drescher of The Real Housewives of New York and a Marmur Medical patient shared her own story of dealing with skin cancer, while urging everyone to have their moles and spots regularly checked by a dermatologist.

Dr. Ellen Marmur

Dr. Marmur practices both medical and cosmetic dermatology, seeking the simplest and most straightforward solutions for skin needs. She is a board-certified dermatologist with fellowship training in procedures such as Mohs Micrographic Surgery for skin cancer, and cosmetic surgery including laser treatments and injectables such as wrinkle relaxing agents and fillers. Marmur Medical offers a full range of dermatologic services, including Mohs surgery, skin cancer screening and removal, acne scar removal, a variety of laser treatments, including Clear+Brilliant, Fractional CO2, and Fraxel Restore, and injections and fillers.

Marmur Medical, 12 East 87th Street, Suite 1A, New York, NY 10128, 212.996.6900

Photo Credit: StriVectin


Posted by 03.19.14

StriVectin SD, designed for wrinkles, is so popular in stores and online that one tube is sold every 59 seconds around the world. So, why tamper with perfection?

Like Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizer (this one’s the sprinter: one bottle sells every 4.87 seconds), which underwent a revitalization last year, StriVectin wanted a better “perfect” product. So the StriVectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks was born, and hit shelves early March.

The new formula also cozies up to its star ingredient, NIA-114, a molecule spearheaded by two research scientists at the University of Arizona. But this new formulation, which addresses both wrinkles and stretch marks (the packaging is very clear about its dual purpose) also contains Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex, which aims to boost Types I and III of collagen (Type III is known as “youth collagen”).

Dr. Ellen Marmur, New York City dermatologist and author of Simple Skin Beauty agrees. “We are realizing the essential role Collagen Type III plays in regenerating the skin. Skincare products that address this offer a radically new approach to how we look at skin aging.”

While topical collagen, in many creams, cannot penetrate deep down in the dermis because of the large size of their molecules, the StriVectin’s new Collagex-CE Wrinkle Repair Complex is a lipopeptide complex paired with an energy molecule that helps sink into the skin’s layers, and what it does is target both Types I and III.

The newly-packaged product has a fresh, almost slightly minty smell and goes on well onto the skin. It’s also quite hydrating and is meant to double up as a stretch mark treatment, but a 2 oz. tube retails for $79 so that may be a bit pricey to slather on your body as well but that’s where my stretch marks are!

The brand is also embracing social media and has created a #YouthList of experiences on Gilt Group, which begins on March 6. The idea behind this cool campaign is to invite you to live in the moment, take a picture of a goal or adventure that inspires you, and share it via social media using the hashtag #YouthList. Ten winners will be chosen from the submissions to get a sample of the new large 4 fl size of the SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate that retails for $139.




Posted by 03.01.14

First Dove challenged stereotypes with its Campaign for Real Beauty, advertisements that featured real women with real curves and celebrated attainable beauty. Now, the Unilever brand wants you to think differently about your armpits. The New Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant is specially formulated to fight odor and wetness but also reverse the discoloration and dryness associated with regular shaving.

“Shaving, as we know can be irritating to skin even with the best of razors,” said New York dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, at a Dove press event in New York City. “Fifty percent of moisture is lost when we shave the skin in our armpit, which can lead to dryness and sensitivity.”

The new Dove deodorant comes in two varieties, regular and clear, and neither leave residue or white marks on the skin or clothes. Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Dodorant ($4.99 to $6.49) offers eight different scents to choose from ranging from a traditional floral powdery scent to a plum sakura blossom and an unscented hypo-allergenic option. Dove Advanced Care Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant comes in two floral scents and one citrus.

Each variety promises 48-hour odor and wetness protection—good to know in case you forget to bring your deo to the gym before going to work one day. They are formulated with calendula, a flower in the daisy family, which helps keep underarm skin from turning dark because of shaving. Moisturizing benefits derive from ingredients borrowed from Unilever’s skincare library and include hydroxyethylurea, an efficacious moisturizer, and polyuethylene glycol, which helps deliver ingredients to the skin.

Armpits—you may not devote much time thinking about them, and thanks to Dove even less time now.