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The first time I heard about LashDip, a semi-permanent mascara that lasts up to six weeks, I mentally filed it under “too good to be true.”  Then the buzz started building here in Chicago, where Jessica Harley and Gina Mondragon created LashDip, and my curiosity was piqued.  When presented with the opportunity to get LashDipped by Jessica I pounced.  I’ve never had anything done to my lashes and was a little tweaked about someone playing around near my eyeballs, but Jessica worked with a incredibly gentle and expert touch as she talked me through every step of the process, cleaning and conditioning my lashes before applying and sealing the LashDip.   … read more »


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As developers of LashDip, a semi permanent eyelash color treatment, Jessica Harley and Gina Mondragon are well versed in meeting the expectations of beauty connoisseurs. Jessica is a 12 year veteran of the beauty industry and a master eyelash extension technician. As curator and key artist to the successful launch of two exclusive cosmetic lines, Jessica has spent many years in both the front and the back rooms of the beauty industry. Models, brides, corporate executives, print and broadcast media personalities rely on Jessica to make them look picture perfect. She has applied hundreds of cases of LashDip with exciting results and enthusiastic responses. Furthermore, she is the great-granddaughter of the legendary William S. Harley who brought the world one of its greatest innovations, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Who will take home the coveted Mirror Ball?  Even if you don’t religiously watch Dancing with the Stars, you can certainly learn a lot about style and glamor from the dancers and their celebrity partners. Beautyinthebag spoke to Miami plastic surgeon Leonard Tachmes, New York dermatologist Doris Day and hairstylist Cynthia Fraioli to help you look like a star even if you are not planning to dance with one.

ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (DTWS) has morphed from dancing with the vaguely familiar to a veritable star-making machine.  This surprise hit has propelled many a celebrity to fame or back to fame from the brink of obscurity.

Comebacks aside. The dancers and the dances also have sired a sense of style and glamor all of their own.

You don’t have to dance with the stars to twinkle like one.

DWTS style starts with smooth, flawless complexion from head to toe. “Being well exfoliated and hydrated is the first step,” says Dr. Leonard Tachmes, a Miami, Florida-based plastic surgeon. In the evening, thoroughly exfoliate yourself using a manual exfoliate in a continuous circular motion,” he says.

Looking for some product suggestions? Check out Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish (7 oz, $38), Sugar Face Polish ($55) or  Sugar Acai Body Scrub (6.8 oz, $48).

Tachmes also suggests this DIY DWTS-style mask for an immediate hydrating glow. “Mash up an avocado with a bit of honey to help with the consistency and apply this to your face for about 20 to 25 minutes before washing it off,” he says.

“Avocados have naturally-hydrating fatty acids and nutrients that are easily absorbed deep into the tissue resulting in a dewy appearance,”  he says. “After removing the mask, follow with a serum and a rich moisturizer.”  Try L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Clinical Repair 10 Day/Night Cream Moisturizer (1.6 oz, $20).

Spray tans seem to be a big part of DWTS-style, and you too can achieve that sun-kissed look without increasing your risk for skin cancer or premature aging. The active ingredient in these tans in a can is typically dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is commonly used in some self-tanning creams. It reacts with amino acids on the outermost top layer of the skin, and  presto, your “tan.”

All of those low-cut costumes, can really make a girls décolleté show – and Fraxel re:store laser can also make our shoulder/neck/cleavage area glow, says New York City dermatologist Doris Day. “It is the greatest thing for that area,” she says. “It can even out skin tone on the chest, making it look less crepey,” she says. Forethought is a must, as it does involve a series of treatments.

And if you are looking for notice-me lips (and no, we are not talking about lips like former DWTS contestant Lisa Rinna had before her lip reduction surgery), plump your pout with Restylane. Doctors have been using  this hyaluronic acid-based filler off label for lip enhancement for a while, but the FDA recently made it official.

Ask any past or present contestant: batting your eyelashes at the DWTS judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli and Len Goodman can’t hurt, especially if they are long and luscious. There are many products available today that can help lengthen and thicken yours including LashDip and Latisse.

If you like the dos of some of the dancers, you can purchase clip-in hair extensions, hair wraps, braided headbands, and clip bangs that look just like them ( Or you can try a kerastase conditioning treatment  for your mane before your main event. New York City hairstylist Cynthia Fraioli swears by them. “They are amazing and give your hair an incredible shine,” she says. “These treatments don’t just coat your hair, they strengthen it from the inside out,” she says. Treatments can be customized based on your hair type, and they can be done when you get your color, highlights or blow outs. Prices range from $20 and up.

Whether you are gunning for the Mirror Ball trophy or just want to make heads turn at your high school reunion or wedding, this BITB DWTS cheat sheet can get you there.


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Long knockout lashes are all the rage.  Just walk into any department store or drugstore these days and you will find the words “Extreme” “Longer” “Thicker” pasted onto mascara-like tubes of serums that promise denser, longer lashes in just a matter of weeks.

Nora Charles, celebrity esthetician from Touch of Faith Aesthetics in Los Angeles, California, says “long eyelashes make great eyes look even more beautiful.  When eyelashes are short and thin they take away from the beauty of the eyes and cause them to look dull and unimpressive.  “They also cause a woman to look older than she is.”

Launched in 2008, Latisse is the only FDA approved prescription product that clinically is proven to grow lashes longer, thicker and darker in 16 weeks.  Latisse contains the ingredient bitamoprost (a structural prostaglandin), which prolongs the hair growth cycle and increases the number of hairs grown in each cycle.  Bitamoprost was originally used in liquid form to treat glaucoma patients and those treated noticed an increase in lash growth as a side effect.  Allergan, the company which makes Latisse, decided to repackage its glaucoma drug and promote it to those with eyelash hypotrichosis (thinning of the eyelashes).  In 2010, Allergan reported $82 million net sales of Latisse and projects even more growth for 2011 at $100 million.  … read more »

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