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“How many lashes do you think you have on each eyelid?” asks New York Dermatologist Doris Day at an elegant private dinner at Collichio & Sons to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Latisse®, the only FDA approved prescription lash enhancer. The answer is 150 lashes, which came as a surprise. Day spoke about the plight of the “lash challenged” and dispelled some of the myths surrounding this breakthrough drug. “Just today one of my patients said she heard it grows hair on your eyeballs,” she said.

She also shared her personal philosophy on using Latisse safely and effectively to get the best results. She starts at the outer lashes and makes her way to the inner corner of the eye without spilling a precious drop. I’ve never tried it, but I am all pumped to receive my comped prescription in the mail, now that Day has cleared up one of my major concerns—the possibility of Latisse increasing the brown pigmentation in my blue eyes. While this is a warning published by Allergan, the company behind Latisse, Day said the chances are very remote. Latisse is the topical version of Lumigan, a glaucoma drug used in drop form. A few people with green eyes who used the drops noticed that the brown specks in their eyes were more pronounced. A very unlikely occurrence said, convincing me that my baby blues would be safe.

And Allergan helped me see what I would look like with my new lashes. The company just launched a unique Lash Visualizer as part of an app called iLash Studio, so you can take a selfie and see how Latisse can transform your lashes! It only takes a few minutes—and we promise you will be impressed with the results. Go to iTunes to download the app.

What’s next for Latisse? According to Day, there is a clinical study going on for using Latisse to grow eyebrows, as well as for hair growth. Since Allergan already knows that Latisse has the ability to darken pigment since Latissed lashes grow thicker, longer, AND darker, there may be other indications we will hear about in the future as well.

What happens if you get lazy and stop using Latisse? Day says your lashes will gradually return to baseline puny within one to three months.

Latisse is by prescription only—you can find a doctor near you on and sign up to get a $50 coupon off the price. The new size and price is much more economical; 5ml for $160.00 (less $50 with the coupon!!) for enough to last two to three months.



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At New York’s posh London Hotel where Gordon Ramsay’s cuisine rules, actress Claire Danes shared her own LATISSE experience and a glimpse into her personal beauty regimen, which is pretty low maintenance for an A-lister. Beauty in the Bag was there.

According to Claire, “I have been using LATISSE for about a year now. I had some minor irritation at first but it only lasted for a few day. Now I use it every day. It’s part of my routine and I don’t even think about it anymore. It’s amazing how every makeup artist I work with notices the difference in my lashes. They can’t believe it.”  Her lashes do look gorgeous.

A Cetaphil and Laura Mercier moisturizer girl, at 31 Claire’s creamy complexion is flawless and unlined, yet she takes a very open approach to cosmetic treatments; ”It’s great that women have so much choice now. I am all for choice. These are really intimate personal decisions and I don’t think anyone should be judgmental about it.”

According to New York City oculoplastic surgeon Joseph Eviatar, “LATISSE is an “also” drug like BOTOX. The prostaglandin puts the follicles into the growth phase gradually, which accounts for the dramatic effects of LATISSE. It also stimulates melanin in the follicles, so lashes grow darker as well. I tell my patients to use it for the full 16 weeks to get the best results, and they can taper off at that point if their lashes grow too long or touch their glasses.”

What’s coming next for LATISSE? Off label uses include the lower lashes and sparse brows. Clinical trials are currently underway for LATISSE for eyebrows, and to grow lashes for people going through chemotherapy in the US. It is also undergoing clinical trials in Europe, where women are going to great measures to get their hands on some of this lash lengthening liquid gold. There are also hints at some possible changes to the mini plastic brushes on the horizon, although most diehard LATISSE users we know have converted to using eyeliner brushes for the best application.

LATISSE® solution is a prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. Find out more and find a doctor at


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So you’ve seen the magazine ads featuring Brooke Shields with lashes for days? Now’s your chance to see those feather dusters in person. Save the date, and RSVP – spots are limited for the evening of September 24th.

The LATISSE®  wishes event will give consumers an opportunity to sign up for a complimentary LATISSE® consultation with one of the participating physicians, including Bryan Forley, MD. If they are deemed to be appropriate candidates, they will then receive a free 30-day LATISSE® trial directly from Allergan.

View the official invitation for details: LATISSE Wishes Event Invite

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