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Posted by 03.15.10

Photo Credit: Drugstore.com

Neosporin LIP HEALTH Overnight Renewal Therapy (White Petrolatum Lip Protectant) I am a religious devotee of Carmex for chapped lips, but before bed, I hesitate to apply it only because it is so thick I know it will leave a bit of a sloppy residue on my pillow. This winter I was introduced to a new lip hydrator, which now sits on my bedside table and is the last cream I apply before I lay me down to sleep. I was accustomed to associate Neosporin with antibacterial products for cuts and scrapes, but given the brand’s commitment to skin protection, a chapped lip therapy isn’t a far reach. It is a pleasure to use because a small amount goes a long way. The formula comes in a small tub, but is minimally greasy, so it doesn’t require that extra step of getting up out of bed to wash my hands. Since I tend to use a different lip product for day and night, I can’t say for certain that one works better than the other, but the combination left me with nothing to complain about through what has proven to be an excessively cold, snowy New York winter. It’s such a light cream that I can continue to use it as needed even when the weather becomes a bit more favorable.

Final Verdict – BOB (Beauty on a Budget) – It’s $4.99 and a small dab with your finger will suffice. The smell and consistency is reminiscent of a higher end brand, which adds value to the proposition.


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