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05-19-09 | Posted by



Excerpted from the transcript with permission:

ELLEN FANNING: Is it addictive – looking good in this town?

WENDY LEWIS: I think so – very much so.

ELLEN FANNING: Making the decision to change the way you look can be complicated, so perhaps not surprisingly in New York there’s now someone you can call on to help. Meet Wendy Lewis – the must-have accessory to help you navigate your way to the fountain of youth. You’ll make sure the client doesn’t end up with a Michael Jackson nose or a Joan Rivers facelift?

WENDY LEWIS: Those are two very good examples. I can’t make sure of anything, but I can certainly try to guide them in the right direction.

ELLEN FANNING: The author of ‘Plastic is Perfect’, she calls herself not a life coach, but a knife coach. Do people actually look younger with the liquid facelift or is it just that you can’t quite tell anymore?

WENDY LEWIS: That’s a great question. I’ve seen people walking down Park Avenue with big lips and big cheeks and I think they end up looking older. They end up looking older because you know they’ve had something done so you assume that they must be a 102. If you see a woman who’s looking really good and you know she’s your contemporary chances are she’s had a little help along the way.

ELLEN FANNING: But Wendy says as more and more women opt for this new look, the women who are content to look their age are the ones who will stand out.

WENDY LEWIS: If you’re in a circle of women that, you know, you’re all sort of contemporaries and you’re the only one and you haven’t had anything done and all your girlfriends have coloured the grey in their hair and are having Botox done, you’re gonna start feeling like the older sister – and that’s what I mean about the peer pressure, it’s unavoidable.


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