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07-10-14 | Posted by

Looking your best during the scorching summer days can be daunting. Keeping cool while doing so can be near impossible. Don’t sweat it! We’ve rounded up the best beat-the-heat tips and product recommendations to help you do just that.

STAY HYDRATED: Fill up a pitcher with water. Add sliced cucumbers, lemons or limes and pour over ice. Sip often.

RELAX YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE:  A little concealer, tinted moisturizer, and waterproof mascara will stay put and give you just enough polish. Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer – Concealer Pen ($39) delivers targeted anti-aging and brightening ingredients with a patented palladium tip that cools on touch.

PULL YOUR HAIR BACK:  The Low Ponytail is on-trend for all ages and works on the steamiest of days. Just slick back and secure with a band just above the neck.

CLOTHES CALL: Slip into light colored, loosely cut skirts and dresses in natural materials like cotton and linen, which won’t trap heat the way synthetic clothing can. Pair with open-toe or strappy sandals so your feet can breath easy.

SPRITZ AWAY: Facial mists are lifesavers on those steamy days and many are even formulated with anti-agers and other skin friendly ingredients to do more than simply refresh. You’ll appreciate one with “cooling” ingredients, crucial this time of year.

THE HOT LIST: Gel and water-based products offer a quick hit of instant refreshment, as do products formulated with mint, menthol, rosemary, and cucumber. Besides being found in your favorite cooling mists, they’re plentiful in makeup, hair care, and skin care. Stock up and stay cool with these head to toe must-haves.

*Tip: Refrigerate your lotions, creams, and other beauty products for an extra hit of cool when applying.


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