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10-16-15 | Posted by

It is common knowledge that smell is very powerful sense, able to evoke strong emotional reactions. The way it works is we breathe something in and our olfactory receptors pick it up. These receptors are directly linked to the limbic system, believed to be the seat of emotion. From there signals are sent and relayed to the cortex, where ‘cognitive’ recognition occurs, thereby triggering an emotional response in us. Since it’s widely believed that pleasant fragrances can improve our sense of well-being and have a positive effect on our mood, we’re all for breathing in pleasant scents as often as possible…and nothing smells better than dessert!

National Dessert Day was Wednesday, October 14th, but we don’t need a special day to celebrate something so mood elevating and delicious. Every day should be dessert day. If you want to bypass the unwanted sugar and calories, indulge the way we beauty aficionados do, with delectable dessert flavored and yummy scented beauty products that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and do a whole lot more:

Korres Lip Butter ($12) has a surprising caramel scent. Available in clear and three sheer shades, it’s formulated with shea butter and rice wax for lasting hydration and softness plus natural oils and extracts to soothe and condition lips.

Sephora Collection Kiss Me Balm ($8) adds a hint of color, up to 4 hours of hydration and a subtle true to color fragrance. I love Cotton Candy (a light pink shade), Candy Apple (a fun red hue) and Magic Dessert (a pretty coral tint), but you can also choose Strawberry Fizz, Soda Pop, Peach Melba and more.

Fresh Sugar Bath Lychee Soap ($13) is a pure vegetable-based cleansing soap. It’s enriched with shea butter to nourish, vitamin E to restore and it also contains brown sugar to soften and prevent moisture loss. You’ll also detect notes of  sweet lychee, grapefruit, lemon, lime and mango to round out the scent.

Sara Happ The Lip Scrub in Confetti Cake ($24) is a limited edition lip exfoliant and our favorite way to get soft, supple lips. Sweet sugar and confetti cake notes blended with food-grade essential oils gently and effectively buff away dry, flaky skin. To use, simply massage a bit onto lips in a circular motion and wipe away with a tissue. You’ll also love Brown Sugar, Midnight Blueberry, and Vanilla Bean.

Lavanila Vanilla Bean Hand & Body Salvation Creamy Body Oil ($39) immediately transforms dry, dull skin into skin that’s soft, supple, radiant and nourished. The formula is lightweight so it instantly absorbs and never feels greasy. Pure Madagascar vanilla bean and argan and coconut oils lightly scent, condition, repair and deliver antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Demeter Fragrances ($20) is a cologne spray that captures the essence of its name in a singular scent. You’ll like Saltwater Taffy with hints of vanilla and caramel, Scottish Shortbread with a buttery cookie scent and Dulce de Leche with leanings towards sweet butterscotch.

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