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02-13-10 | Posted by

Photo credit: sks-bottle.com


We can thank the TSA for getting us all used to the idea of trial-sized toiletries with its nothing short of brilliant 3-1-1 decree.


  • 3.4 Ounces Maximum for Each Item
  • No More than 1 Quart Total Volume
  • And It’s All Got To Fit in 1 Baggie

The whole toiletry issue is really a woman thing. Men don’t really get what the big deal is. They travel with toothpaste, a razor, shave gel, and shampoo. In a pinch, a lot of guys could use their shampoo as shave gel and bar soap for shampoo without skipping a beat. They will happily use the free toiletry packs to be found in the seat pockets in Business Class or whatever they find in their hotel bathrooms too. For women, it’s a whole different situation.

One Baggie actually doesn’t hold very much, in case you haven’t noticed. Get the ones with the zippers on top because they hold a seal better and you can stuff them closed.  It’s a good idea to carry around a few extras just in case they rip or tear en route.

How about 3-2-1?

I’d prefer it to be 3-2-1.  Adding a second bag of 3 ounce maximum gels and liquids would make all the difference to a lot of women. You could do carry-on for longer trips without having to restock along the way. Think about it – if you have thick, long hair or particularly dry skin, you are going to need more than 3 ounces of shampoo, conditioner and moisturizers for more than a few days away. The liquid issue really limits your ability to pack everything in just one carry-on for longer travel.

The Modern Definition of LIQUIDS

If it can be poured from a bottle, squeezed out of a tube, or sits in a jar, or even if it is soft enough to conform to the shape of the container it is in, it is considered a liquid. All liquids need to be in containers of 3.4 ounces or less. The TSA does not go by how much “liquid” is actually in the container, but rather the size marking on the container. So, pouring 3.4 ounces of mouthwash into a 6.5 ounce bottle, simply won’t fly with the TSA.

SMELL THIS – To get passed the TSA, perfume, cologne and eau de toilette will be subject to the 3-1-1 rule, so think about alternative fragrance solutions, such as roll-ons, sticks, small sprays, and solids:

  • Philosophy Falling In Love Concentrated Perfume Oil
  • Comptoir Sud Pacifique Matin Calin
  • Comptoir Sud Pacifique Sugar Milk Eau de Toilette Spray To Go
  • Marc Jacobs Perfume Solid
  • DKNY Delicious Night Rollerball
  • Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Parfum Roll-on
  • Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Eau de Parfum Roll-on

Photo Credit: sephora.com

SAMPLE SCENTS – Looking for a mini size of your favorite perfume? You can find a huge selection of mini perfume vials on a card for around $1.19 each. These are small enough to tuck away so that you can get them through security without raising an unwanted eyebrow. www.fragrance.net


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