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01-28-13 | Posted by

WILD-TANTALIZERWe hope you’re excited, BITBers! For this week’s giveaway, we have 3 LORAC WILD for TANtalizer Collection sets (a $39 value)! If you’re looking to be irresistible this spring summer, you must add this to your makeup bag! With an Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette, Limited Edition Animal Print Face Bronzer, and TANtalizer Lip With Benefits Gloss in an adorable animal print canvas bag, you are all set to take on the shoreline while looking naturally sexy!

LORAC boasts its “red carpet authority” and has been a personal favorite of Hollywood stylists for over fifteen years. With all natural ingredients and easy to use application, LORAC and Carol Shaw (its creator) provide effortless beauty with long lasting effects. LORAC is also cruelty free, because who wants to look beautiful and feel guilty?

A Closer Look at this Beauty Giveaway:

Wild For TANtalizer Bronzer (Limited Edition)– Apply on your forehead, cheeks, and chin to achieve a natural, bronze shine. This can also be dusted on your shoulders, collarbone, and upper chest to create a full-body tan look. The bronzer brushes on like velvet and blends with your skin like a charm. If you’re too heavy handed with your bronzing, the metallic finish can overwhelm, so be careful! It never looks too orange—ust creates a golden glow.

Wild For TANtalizer Eye Shadow Palette (Limited Edition) – Apply wet or dry for dramatic or smokey looks, respectively. This quad of shadows comes complete with four irresistible summer colors: Fierce (a shimmery beige highlight, great for your browbone), Tigris (a bright but thin gold for your lid), Panthera (a deep copper for your crease), and Saber (a goldish brown, perfect for corner application). These colors have a silky consistency and go great with a summer tan. You look naturally fresh and straight from the beach.

TANtalizer Lips with Benefits Gloss in Raoul (Limited Edition) – The first coat of lipgloss looks peachy with a distinct shimmer for a natural, sexy pout. Apply a second time for a bronzer, more dramatic look when you’re walking the boardwalk at night. This gloss is creamy without being sticky, which is a huge plus. They give your lips a ton of shimmer and they smell great!

We know we’ll be sporting these additions to our collection as soon as June rolls around, and so will three lucky winners!


To Enter: Can’t wait for summer? What do you miss about the summer months?

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*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 1/28 at 11 AM EST
and ends 2/3 at 11 PM EST.



    I miss the beach.

  2. lisalubrown Says:

    I missed the warm temperatures, I don’t do well in the freezing cold :)

  3. raventally Says:

    I miss the warm weather and going to the beach

  4. LT11 Says:

    The sunshine. The heat. Yes I love HOT weather!

  5. pixiestixpet Says:

    I miss friends and I have parties/barbeques nearly every weekend and I miss eating freshly grown local veggies and fruits from New Jersey

  6. smthkat789 Says:

    Going to Newport Beach playing in the sand, surfing the waves and dreaming the night away

  7. sheenamariee Says:

    HHmmm what do I miss about the summer months….more like what don’t miss about the summer months!!! I miss the warmth of the glowing sun against my skin (protecting but sunscreen of course) I miss the extra doses of Vitamin D the sun naturally provides to my body, and I miss the sun kissed glow and sun kissed highlights that summer brings! Come on summer, you can’t come soon enough!!!

  8. pemery Says:

    Warm weather, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

  9. altamiss Says:

    I sure would love to score this…..I miss having that wonderful sunkissed glow!!

  10. danielle10940 Says:

    the beach and warm summer nights in the city…so much going on and things to do

  11. amydwill1982 Says:

    Warm weather and flip flops!

  12. madison422 Says:

    I miss seaglassing on the beach.

  13. heathersweet Says:

    Being able to go outside and play soccer with my son

  14. samib64 Says:

    The lake, flipflops, and bein warm…

  15. rayray Says:

    i miss goin to the beach…..i can’t wait for summertime!!!!

  16. rblack7 Says:

    I miss sun dresses and sandels.

  17. jb1ab2 Says:

    I miss the warmth, I have Lupus and Rheumatoid and my body aches when it is cold.

  18. aromeo Says:

    i miss going to the beach and summer night bonfires!

  19. lizplawman Says:

    I miss the sun up early in the morning for my morning runs.

  20. mistyfuji Says:

    I miss the slower pace of summer, visits to the beach, reading outside under the shade, drinking wine at night with candles. Don’t miss battling the mosquitos!

  21. airbeauty23 Says:

    Long walks on the beach, summer breezes. The feel of the ocean waves on my feet.

  22. sammielee75 Says:

    I miss feeling the warmth on my skin and spending time with the family

  23. cherfn Says:

    I miss sunny skies and backyard BBQ’s

  24. yarbrough31 Says:

    I miss sandals

  25. Mosgirlznotme Says:

    i miss the late night walks on the beach i took with my boyfriend. while the wind blew through our hair and the sand caressed our feet i remember thinking, I’ll always remember this moment, cherish it, and never let it go.

  26. gher13 Says:

    I miss not having to wear so many layers and showing my toes!

  27. jgrjennyjj Says:

    A bronzey glow from the sun;)

  28. Roxysaurus Says:

    I miss being able to leave the house without a billion layers of clothing!

  29. Maria J. Cardoza Says:

    What I miss about Summer is that I get to wear Comfy Sandals and I also miss that It’s that time of the year when My Skin doesn’t look as pale & dull and wearing Bronzer is a Must to look like you just went to the Beach without even trying!<<>>

  30. cmcounsil Says:

    i can’t wait to be out in the sun and see all my flowers again

  31. ellen Says:

    need my vitamin D SUN

  32. dragonfly777 Says:

    I miss the freedom of less clothing and sandals!

  33. zombiealex83 Says:

    I miss the feel of warm sand on my toes and the fresh ocean air

  34. annmrce2001 Says:

    i agree with you all-the summer breeze and the warmth of the sun on my face takes all the little bits of stress away…I cant wait for those 3 precious months of summer.

  35. collifornia Says:

    The warm weather!

  36. koalaty Says:

    Golfing in the sun without the jacket!

  37. berri_cherri Says:

    I would love to win this wonderful SET. I have not had the chance to go to the Beach and since we were hit hard bysuperstorm sandy I wonder if we ever will…


    I miss the sandals & shorts.

  39. dee1219 Says:

    miss the beach in summer. The warm sun and the sounds of the waves.

  40. lmnop99 Says:

    I miss the SUN!! Living so north really makes the winter seem long and not having the sun on your face for 7-8 months makes me miss it so much! There is just nothing like the warmth the sun can bring..but of course you have to have spf to enjoy it without ending up looking like a raisin!!!

  41. Says:

    I am a true summer girl. I miss the beach and the ocean waves. I miss the way the sun bleaches my hair naturally, and I get the best highlights ever. I miss laying in the warm sun to get the perfect golden glow. I miss wearing my shorts and sundresses, because I am so sick of sweatpants and sweatshirts. I guess I miss everything about summer, I can’t wait for winter to be over!!!

  42. jennagrandolph Says:

    i miss the weather! and i miss wearing shorts and flip flops, instead of having to bundle up in the winter.

  43. miriama59 Says:

    Playing in the ocean with my grandchildren.

  44. alperjf Says:

    Being tan, of course!


    I miss tanned skin with a great glow.

  46. durstslovepens Says:

    I cannot wait for summer, I miss the long warm summer evenings, sitting at the beach listening to the water . I miss the smell of a summer storm and the green grass and flowers.

  47. BarracudaRon Says:

    warm weather, I hate the cold

  48. havensmommy26 Says:

    I miss taking my kiddos to the park and having picnics in the mountains! :)

  49. bdiva14 Says:

    Yes,I miss the warm sun and summer maxi dresses!!

  50. lapuce Says:

    I miss wearing sundresses, laying in the hammock enjoying nature’s beauty while sipping on cold lemonade!

  51. DTryjada Says:

    I miss soaking up all the sun at the beach!

  52. GarnCap61 Says:

    What I miss most about summer is sandals, wearing less clothes (no winter coats, gloves, boots, etc.), and being outdoors!!

  53. carlabond Says:

    I miss the longer day, that leave more time to do things outdoors!

  54. Mari Says:

    The Green trees and grass! It is beautifully green full of vegetation here in Michigan during the Summer! I just love it.<3 Also going to the beach at Lake Michigan it is just beautiful~

  55. brandisweet Says:

    The out doors being able to ware shorts and the cool breeze

  56. lgilreath Says:

    I miss the sunshine on my face..and the sound of the children playing in the yard:)

  57. weeziestoy Says:

    I miss the warm weather….I miss the beach….I miss the flowers blooming…

  58. lisamcf Says:

    hanging out with friends at the pool

  59. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    I miss the warm weather. I hate the cold! I hate winter, I hate snow. I’m so over it!

  60. cupper73 Says:

    It’s hard to miss summer living in Florida. It’s been especially warm this year. I’m still wearing my sandals and sunnies!

  61. wommfan79 Says:

    I’m from Southern California, and this crazy state decided to have a wonky winter. So I’ve been experiencing 20 degree weather in my high desert area. I miss the summer mostly because I’m a June baby, I love warm weather, light clothing and super cute sandals. Sweaters, scarfs and boots are not my thing….summmmmerrrrrr!!!!! Come backkkkkkkk!!!! Just 5 more months, just 5 more months…

  62. Kat Says:

    I miss the warm sultry evenings walking on the beach.

  63. koalafrog47 Says:

    I miss the feeling of freedom that comes along with summer. There’s this flow of energy in the air that seems to allow for ease of movement! I miss the comfort of basking in the warmth of the sun when it’s the perfect amount of brightness and just the right heat so that you don’t feel that stinging burn! I also enjoy the vivacity of everything around me, from fauna to flora, neighbors, friends and family! Everyone seems to be in a slightly chipper mood. Also, summer brings with it the excitement of vacations, like going to far-off places, gatherings; romance; adventures; music festivals; meetings with loved ones and more! It’s a time that I can really feel alive!


    I miss the lovely breezes from the ocean while relaxing

  65. sandollar Says:

    so beautiful!! I moved to the beach to move away from it all, & only to find I cannot be in the sun more than 1/2 hr. on each side. I have never tried these products & would love to.

  66. BettiePageGirl59 Says:

    I love the sounds and smell of summer. Espacially summer night. When you have your windows open and can hear the crickets and frogs and their summer serenade. Hearing a dog bark or a train whistle in the distance. It’s reminds you that you are not alone. The spicy smell of a summer rain in the woods or the blooming lilacs blowing through your room. I think the best of all just might be lying in bed, listening and smelling a summer rain with gentle thunder rolling across the sky and the fresh smell the rain brings as if washing everything clean. Then there is the smells of a warm day at the beach. The smell of the water mingled with the smell of cocoa butter from tanning lotion. The sound of people splashing and playing in the water, just enjoying life making you thankful for yours. Yeah, that’s what does it for me!


    I miss the sand & surf

  68. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    The sun and feeling its warmth on my skin!!

  69. shannonkc Says:

    Oh god…I miss the sun. I miss warm thunderstorms. I miss peaches. I miss going to the beach. I miss surfer guys!!!! I miss picnics. Also, I miss looking awesome, since my 90% of my closet is geared towards summer. No joke. The sundresses are practically begging me to put them on.

  70. kissadb Says:

    not freezing to death! lol. Bonfires, beer, shorts, dresses and heels!

  71. prettypoodle Says:

    I miss the warmth and flowers the most!

  72. sweetmatcha Says:

    I miss wearing flip flops and going to the beach!!!

  73. missluckybreaks Says:

    I miss the summer air and relaxing on the beach!

  74. joannaonthelake Says:

    What I miss most about the summer months is wearing my pretty, colorful, lightweight, skin showing, easy breezy clothes! I love the feeling of wearing sandals and showing off my brightly painted toes. I miss that carefree feeling that the warm summer days and nights bring me, I feel energized feeling the warmth from the sun. I also love playing with makeup colors on my sun kissed skin, yes I am a girly, girl. Everything about summer makes me feel youthful and more alive than when we are all bundled up in the colder winter months. This giveaway makes me feel optimistic for the months to come!

  75. auntiebb Says:

    I know it sounds cliche’ but I really really miss the sun. I live in the Pacific Northwest and it gets very gloomy for many months and I get a little stir crazy. Just craving me some sunshine!

  76. MamaLoveBeauty Says:

    Can’t wait for the warmth of summer, and the happiness sunshine brings. Seeing my daughter splash and laugh in the water showing me the new things she learns, and my husband smiling at me across the pool making me feel beautiful.

  77. poeticseamstress Says:

    This set is awesome! I love bronzer.

  78. jrclemon Says:

    I miss the sun!!


    I miss wearing sundresses & sandals.

  80. Penelope1971 Says:

    I love everything about summer…being able to sit outside especially on warm summer nights. I love the fruits and vegetables! I feel like a bear hibernating all winter. I do not do the cold well. I love going for a walk or run outside!

  81. kelseaeaton Says:

    The summer clothing lines and makeup hues!

  82. StaceyC Says:

    I miss sitting on my deck at night and enjoying dinner… of course, I also miss the nice glow and not having to wear makeup!


    I miss our beach house with all of the sand & surf.

  84. cindylee137 Says:

    I miss the Sun and relaxing on the Beach

  85. mefink Says:

    I miss the sun,warm weather and being outside.

  86. shopalot Says:

    Not spending as much time outdoors since it’s too cold to!

  87. sassy_suz Says:

    I miss long walks on a beach & enjoying the warm summer air.

  88. szawadzke Says:

    I miss wearing my flip flops!

  89. mchoneycutt Says:

    The SUN…LOL

  90. prinzcher Says:

    Summer is when best memories are made, long awaited spring break at hand..packing up lotions and potions for tanning,beach towels, beach ball, countless friends deciding to hit the road to an espionage….refreshing dip,feeling the sun on my face, timeless selftan sessions..its the best feeling you have from your head till right down to your toes…drive-in movies,camp out, bbq’s, off for a week to lake house,pool parties and warm summer nights in jaccuzi..roller skating in biknis..

  91. floridachick Says:

    I miss being able to go to the swimming pool!

  92. reeny44 Says:

    I love going out on the river with my family & friends, the wind whipping our faces as we skip along the water, the cool drinks, long hot days & lazy summer nights:)

  93. Beatrice020710 Says:

    I miss not being able to leave the house with jackets and leggings under my jeans! I like the cold but I dont love it! im a summer girl and need a little bit of heat back. :)

  94. Beatrice020710 Says:


  95. Cynthia Says:

    What I love about warm weather is the sun. Everyone getting outside and talking again.

  96. sammielee75 Says:

    The thing I miss the most is hanging out with my family on the beach and having a BBQ. Watching all the kids and the dogs playing.Going back to when things were simple no electronics just good clean family fun When family met something.

  97. chipper Says:

    Sooo Love the colors!!! Really hope I win!!! :)

  98. misdawn Says:

    omg what am I NOT looking forward to? I can’t wait to be able to go outside without having every…single…inch…of skin covered!

  99. dfran157 Says:

    Staying up late with friends

  100. vickeigh Says:

    I miss wearing flip flops!

  101. arwenlwillow Says:

    I wanna win so badly 😀 im excited for this giveaway xxxx

  102. arwenlwillow Says:

    What I miss the most of summer is the warmth of the waters and the times spent with my mom and sister after a long day at the beach. We walk down the boardwalk and watch fishermen do their craft. end the night with sunset and ice cream.

  103. sweetcheeks Says:

    missing more days of sunshine, leaves n the trees, flowers, the smell of freshly cut grass!

  104. Marshadee2001 Says:

    Everything, the sun, being outdoors, riding my scooter, the birds, the green trees and grass.

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